Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Penetrate PRO - wifi key generator for Android

Penetrate Pro calculates WEP/WPA keys for some wireless routers.
Pro features:

  • No ads
  • 3G lookup of Thomson-based routers (no dictionaries needed)
The following wifi routers are supported:
  •  Thomson-based routers*: Thomson, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, Orange, SpeedTouch, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet
  •  Pirelli Discus
  •  Eircom
  •  DLink
  •  Verizon FiOS (only some routers)
  •  Fastweb (Pirelli & Telsey)
  •  Jazztel_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX
  •  Tecom
  •  Infostrada
  •  SkyV1

 Reversing Thomson routers requires a dictionary file, the app instructs you on how to set it up. As a pro user you can also use 3G to get thomson passwords instead of using dictionaries.You can get dictionary here

Link 1 (the password is

Some antivirus apps for android may signal this as a virus because it is a security-related tool. You should complain to them since their diagnostic is bogus, Penetrate can in no way affect the regular function of your phone !
Download Penetrate PRO for Android from here

Link 1 - Link 2 - Link 3 !(the password is


This comment has been removed by the author.

When tried to download dictionary it says tubes are clugged...What to do ?

Please try again , the link is working just fine.

I downloaded the files extracted them in the sd folder but all the networks remain red. There's no way to bypass this?

Only some router's key can be reversed, they are listed above ! It seems there is none reversible in the range of your phone.

Having removed comments makes your download suspicious... especially with the virus comment. Droidsheep, faceniff, and penetrate pro itself is not detected so why would a dictionary be?

"f4uxJuly 1, 2012 8:48 AM
This comment has been removed by the AUTHOR." NOT the admin !

When tried to download dictionary it says tubes are clugged...What to do ? tried over and over...pls help

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