Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bikini Girl Screen Washer Live Wallpaper [for Android]

It’s really easy for smartphone screens to get smeared and dirty. If only there was an app that could automatically clean it for you. Enter Bikini Girl Screen Washer for Android. OK, so this app won’t actually clean your screen for you, but you’ll enjoy it just the same. An attractive woman in a red bikini is “washing” your screen from the inside, and you have a front row seat.
This woman is very good at her job, and if you want to see her technique in fine detail, just lower the frame rate on the wallpaper. Cleaning work has never looked so good. Note: Not all phones support live wallpapers. To check, go to Home>Menu>Wallpapers>Live Wallpapers. If that option is not there, this app will not work on your device.

What's in this version:

  •  Improved performance on middle-end and low-end devices
  •  Fixed some minor bugs / no more jittery, choppiness
  •  Reducing CPU Usage to minimum
  •  Redrawing Algorithm Optimization
Download Bikini Girl Screen Washer Live Wallpaper fromhere

4shared - mediafire (the password is


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