Friday, June 22, 2012

iDestroy [the stress relief game for Iphone]

Shoot, slice, crush, and kill Bugs, Mosquitos, Flies - in total 13 different types of creatures with 60 different weapons! Machine Gun, Shotgun, Stones, Grenades, Shrink Ray, Flamethrower, Double- and Quad-Buzzsaws, Freeze Ray, High-Explosive Mines, Nuclear Bombs, Stealth Bombers ... it's all yours to play with!


  1.  NEW: Robot Bug
  2.  NEW: Paintball Grenade
  3.  Flyswatter
  4.  Nail Bomb
  5.  Stationary Buzzsaw
  6.  Ninja Stars
  7.  Armageddon
  8.  Chain Lightning
  9.  Laser-Guntower
  10.  Missile-Guntower
  11.  Freeze-Guntower
  12.  Frost Grenade
  13.  The Knife
  14.  Minigun-Tower
  15.  Flamethrower-Tower
  16.  Tesla-Tower *BZZZT*
  17.  Cluster-Bomb
  18.  Homing Missile
  19.  Rocket Hailstorm
  20.  Fire Grenade
  21.  Explosion Bait
  22.  Lightning Storm
  23.  Cannonballs
  24.  Jumping Bomb
  25.  Gasoline
  26.  Anvil Rain
  27.  Rolling Pin
  28.  Plastic Explosive
  29.  Nailgun
  30.  Minefield Drop
  31.  Stones
  32.  Snow Storm
  33.  Shock Wave
  34.  Quad Buzzsaw
  35.  Minigun
  36.  Stealth Bomber
  37.  Laser
  38.  Laser grenade
  39.  Missiles
  40.  Dynamite
  41.  Plague Gun
  42.  Nuclear Bomb
  43.  Flamethrower
  44.  Grenade
  45.  Shrink Ray
  46.  Machinegun
  47.  Shotgun
  48.  Freeze Ray
  49.  Insect Spray
  50.  Mine
  51.  Rotary Saw
  52.  Double Rotary Saw
  53.  Lighter
  54.  Paintball gun
  55.  Airgun
  56.  Hammer
  57.  Glass Hammer

 The Victims 

  1.  Scorpions
  2.  Snails
  3.  Earwigs
  4.  Mosquitos
  5.  Flies
  6.  Wasps - including their nests!
  7.  Cockroaches
  8.  Sowbugs
  9.  Ticks
  10.  Worms
  11.  Spiders - including their nests!
  12.  Ants - including an ant hill!
  13.  Black Widows
  14.  Waterbugs
  15.  Ladybugs
  16.  Black Bugs


  •  Walls to build your own labyrinths to catch the bugs in!
  •  Baits and Magnets to lure them into their doom!
  •  Cleaner


  •  In-game Shop for more wicked upgrades!
  •  Destroy your own photos
  •  Funny sound, blood and weapons effects
  •  Counter for killed insects
  •  Use your own photos as background for the destruction! Squash the bugs to tiny slimy bits with the Sledgehammer and laugh at their puny remains!
  •  Call in a Stealth Bomber to blow every bug in sight to smithereens!
  •  Use the Machinegun with an incredible rate of fire and endless ammo to shoot holes through your iPhone!
  •  Give the insects hell with a Lighter and watch them burn and scream!
  •  Fire the nuclear OMEGA DEVICE… the most powerful tool of destruction you've ever seen on your iPhone! But be warned… afterwards nothing will be as it has been before...
  •  Cut through the masses of bugs with the Buzzsaw - you can't be stopped!
  •  The insects react to the way you are holding your iPhone - so you can let them run and fall directly into the blades of the Double Buzzsaw!

Tip: How to destroy your own Homescreen:

1. Go to your iPhone / iPod's homescreen.
2. Press the lock button (at the upper right of the device) and keep it pressed - and press the homebutton at the same time
3. Let go of both buttons and you should hear a camera click sound - the screen will go white for a second. If you don't get the sound and white screen, repeat steps 2 and 3 until it works.
4. Now start iDestroy and start a new "destruction sandbox" game.
5. Go to the weapons menu (upper right corner, the yellow grenade) and in the following screen, tap the blue icon "custom background".
6. Your photos will be shown - the last of which should be your homescreen, pick that one.
7. Start the destruction :) 
 Download iDestroy v6.3 from Here !


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